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Keychains in full color print

Personalized photo keychain printed both sides. 

Beautiful and unique, you can even add contact information in case you lose your keys.

3 types available:
- 2” Round MDF keychain
- 3” x 1” rectangular aluminum keychain 
- 2.5” x 1.2” oval aluminum keychain 

Both types include 1 tassel color of your choice. Prices differ for each due to quality of material. 

This is printed front and back. You can chose to have pictures on both sides or 1 picture/ design on one side and contact info on the other side. You can put any text you want on the one side or both sides . You can put something meaningful for you. You can even put your own handwriting (It is best to write down with a black pen on white paper, and send me the picture).


Starts at $9.99

Please contact me if you would like to order this. 

To order, you would need to send me info for personalization and email me a photo at [email protected]

Thank you!